Drivers can use unexpected household items to clear frost as Met Office issues warning

The yellow weather warnings have been issued for almost all of the UK for snow, strong winds and heavy rain to be expected throughout the week. Drivers are warned to stay safe whenever a weather warning is announced, especially with snow and rain and the incoming Storm Barra.

In the past few weeks, motorists have been waking up to find their cars covered in frost thanks to the plummeting temperatures.

Two in five drivers have previously admitted to driving off without property de-icing their windscreen.

This rises to 44 percent among young drivers under the age of 35 in a major safety risk.

But, drivers can use some frost hacks to clear the windscreens in the morning, using everyday household objects.

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Some drivers have sworn by this method as a way to make it easier to clear frost.

When watering toothpaste down and rubbing it on the windscreen should prevent frosting windscreens.

It will definitely make cars smell better than using a raw onion.

Freezer bags

Drivers have been told for years not to use boiling water on their windscreen as the extreme pressure changes could crack the windscreen.

But, motorists are encouraged to put warm water in an old ziplock bag or freezer bag.

They can then rub the bag over the windscreens, and mirrors, to clear the frost and get on with their day.