It Was Obvious Catherine Would Fall for Peter But What's Next for The Great?

Obviously, Peter’s aunt and others try to hide the death from Catherine, knowing that this will inspire great heartbreak and a potential execution. And they briefly succeed, with Catherine and Peter bonding over their shared distaste for their parents, as well as Paul’s birth.

But the truth must come out and as such, season two ends with a major cliffhanger, leaving all of us wondering: How do Catherine and Paul recover from this? Is it possible to overcome a cheating scandal that involves your own mother falling from a window mid-penetration?

There’s also the slightly important matter of Catherine killing one of Russia’s greatest enemies, an issue that needs to be handled with delicacy and urgency.

And who can forget Paul?! A baby cannot be deprived of his father, even if said father is not the smartest.

E! News previously asked Elle and Nicholas how they think the situation will pan out, and while they’re not privy to Tony McNamara‘s plans, Elle said, “It’ll take her some time probably, but she’ll be happy.”