Joe Biden 'putting Iran on the path to nuclear weapons!' blasts former US general

President Joe Biden has been slammed by a retired US General for his handling of nuclear talks with Iran. Washington and Tehran are involved in high-level discussions over a return to the nuclear deal that Donald Trump left in 2018. Former General Jack Keane has argued the US holds a weak hand going into the negotiations with Iran and he accused President Biden for putting “Iran on the path to a nuclear weapon.”

Mr Keane told Fox News Business: “Yeah, I mean, we are playing such a weak hand going into these negotiations.

“I mean, just think about it when, when we changed administrations, we had Iran on their heels.

“We had devastating maximum pressure, sanctions on them.

“Their economy was clearly in a tank.”

“We had just killed Qasem Soleimani, who was an iconic leader in Iran and second, only to the Supreme Leader in terms of his power and his impact on the country,” he said.

“Iran knew full well, that they started to get out of the box during the Trump presidency, that President Trump was going to push back on them.

“Here comes the Biden presidency, as opposed to building on that strength and using the Abraham accords also, as part of the foundation and the sanctions and the pushback on Qasem Soleimani’s death.

“What did they do? They walked away from all of that, they’re not doing anything no enhanced Abraham accords.”

The retired general added: “From there, it would take them X number of months to actually put together a nuclear weapon.

“So now they’re using that threat of going to weapons-grade as leverage, they want the removal of all the sanctions, and I believe this administration will largely do that.

“If not give them complete relief immediately, they’ll give them most of it relieved immediately, with a promise there’s more to come.

“And that is just a useful strategy that’s putting Iran on a path to a nuclear weapon.”