Find Out Why There's an Animal Psychic on The Bradshaw Bunch

A fortune teller for the furry. 

Erin Bradshaw and her husband Scott are pulling out all the stops to prepare for their first child—even if that means seeking out a psychic. 

We’re not talking about any old psychic, though. As this sneak peek clip of Wednesday’s all-new episode of The Bradshaw Bunch shows, Erin needs the wisdom of an animal psychic.

That’s right! After relaying the exciting pregnancy news to her dad Terry Bradshaw, Erin and Scott are now attempting to communicate the announcement to their dog, Chuck.

“On our ranch we have horses, cows, dogs, but I can honestly say that Chuck rules all,” Erin tells The Bradshaw Bunch cameras. “With us having a baby, and Chuck being our pride and joy, we thought that it’d be good to bring someone in just to kind of shed a little light on how Chuck feels about it.”

Enter Sandra, a professional animal communicator.