UK hopes France will ensure trade not disrupted by fishermen protest -PM's spokesman

LONDON, Nov 26 (Reuters) – Britain is closely monitoring protest action by French fisherman on Friday and hopes the French authorities will ensure trade is not disrupted, Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s spokesman said.

French fishermen blocked a British cargo vessel from docking in a Brittany port on Friday, a prelude to a planned blockade later of Calais and the Channel Tunnel in protest over licences to fish in British waters under a post-Brexit deal.

“We’re closely monitoring the situation and the actions of the French fishermen,” Johnson’s spokesman said. “We look to the French authorities to ensure the free flow of traffic and trade to ensure the trade is not disrupted.”

“We’re also working closely with affected transport companies and local partners in Kent to provide any necessary support.” (Reporting by Kylie MacLellan. Editing by Andrew MacAskill)