The most popular game console on Black Friday 2021 is the $300 Xbox Series S

DarXyde55m ago(Edited 50m ago)

I think it has more to do with the positive reception of Halo Infinite and the low cost of next-gen(ish) entry. Why wouldn’t people want to go into the holidays with a Halo machine? None of that surprises me, but I’m not convinced that the pandemic is really the decisive factor.

And for the record, Gates is a PoS. Separating him from Xbox, he’s not nearly as benevolent as people seem to think he is. Conspiracies or otherwise, there is plenty KNOWN about him that makes him awful. I am quite attuned to his actions as an architect of the worst aspects of global pandemic response. From the humanitarian perspective, as someone working internationally in the development sector, there’s a…pattern to his activities, I’ll say that.