Madonna POLL: Has Madonna’s latest reinvention gone too far?

Madonna, 67, has received over 1.1million likes on her most recent Instagram photo dump. The photos show her posing on and under a bed in heels, fishnet tights, a thong and a bra which doesn’t quite cover her up. In one photo she appears to be naked.


Fans have come out in praise for the beloved super star’s sensual images.

One Twitter user, @MishauBakrabah, said “I love you Madonna, you’re brill!” and reposted one of the photos.

Gavin Lowe tweeted: “Madonna is as always showing us age should never be a barrier to self-expression.”

But other fans worried that the new images had ‘gone too far’.

Piers Morgan simply tweeted her photo with the caption “rock bottom”.

Replying to Piers, Katie J wrote: “Not sure what’s going on with her to be fair. She is a music legend but is kind of losing her way at the moment.

“Midlife crisis maybe?! Come on Madonna, class is eternal, don’t lose it now!”

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On Instagram, @rosquetita_ufana wrote: “Instead of doing these ridiculous pictures, do some quality music as you used to do.”

@Andress.mee said: “Why babe why!? You are better than this!”

Many fans were concerned about the heavy photoshopping that appeared to be used in Madonna’s most recent post.

On Instagram a fan, @possibleprincesss, said: “Please stop photoshopping your face that much, you don’t need that.”

An annoyed Twitter user, @CoffeeNDoggos, commented: “Face lifts don’t roll you back to your 20s – she can smooth and stretch but she will still look close to her age.

“What you are seeing is photoshop at its finest.

“None of these celebs look like their pictures. It’s all smoke and mirrors to make them look like demi-gods.”

On her Instagram Stories, she shared each picture individually accompanied by a sentence, which, in full, read: “Beauty without purpose is beauty without virtue. But all beautiful things have this function to excite the viewers towards sublime thought. Glory to the world, that good teacher. Mary Oliver.”

In one of the shots, her personalised pillowcase could be seen, revealing the word “Mambo’s”, which is the nickname her kids Estere and Stella, nine, Mercy James, 15, and David Banda, 16, call her. (She is also mum to son Rocco John, 21, and Lourdes, 25.)

Many fans in Instagram comments and tweets asked Madonna if he children would be embarrassed by the shots.

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