Scorpio horoscope: How to reverse bad karma – 'deal with unfinished business'

Astrology is a concept that maintains that humans can discern things about their lives by studying the stars and planets. What can they tell us about Scorpio’s spirituality?

If you are a Scorpio who is interested in harnessing the power of crystals, go for Citrine.

This quartz crystal brings abundance, prosperity and positivity. said: “Citrine can help calm Scorpio, help them see the glass half full, and help them find and explore positive solutions to a problem.”

You can keep the crystal on your person, say, the pocket of your jeans, to capture and maintain its energy.

Majestic and bold, Scorpios adore the colour purple.

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If you want to feel more aligned and at peace within yourself, go for a deep purple accessory.

This colour speaks to Scorpio’s “passionate intensity”.

In fact, Scorpio’s motto is: “My passion is my path to my soul.”

Be bold, fearless and authentically, unapologetically you in order to best nourish your soul.


For a Scorpio, spirituality is a “full-body experience”.

This sign might even experience spiritual intensity through “intense physical exercise or a physical experience”.

They should not be afraid to run, jump, dance, or explore any physical movement, as this movement could bring them peace and harmony within.

Karma refers to the idea that good deeds will have a beneficial effect, while a bad deed will have a harmful effect.

“Every sign has to deal with unfinished business,” according to

They added: “For Scorpio, the biggest life lesson is learning how to temper their passion and choose a middle way.”

It is important to note that this lesson could take a lifetime, but there are many things Scorpios can do to clear their karma.

Scorpios often see a day of rest as “failure”, but should push themselves to take a day off occasionally.

Perfectionists to their very core, “criticism” trips off a Scorpio’s tongue very easily. said: “Hold off next time.”

Moreover, not everything has to be super intense, contrary to Scorpio’s beliefs.

“Cuddling and more on the couch with your partner can be just as yummy as whips, chains, and candles. Promise.”

In the same vein, while Scorpios automatically gravitate towards “fiery” colours, a nice pastel colour could temper their “all or nothing personality”.

Finally, Scorpio, while it’s great that you have such a strong mind, making room for other people’s opinions is something you need to work on.’s advice is: “Do something you hate because someone else loves it.”