Elderly drivers may soon need 'mandatory eyesight tests' after new safety recommendations

A new study by the Road Safety Foundation has recommended mandatory tests as part of a series of recommendations to curb incidents on the road. Alongside the eyesight checks, they have also urged officials to set targets to reduce deaths and desirous injuries on the road.

Incidents among drivers over 70 should be cut by 50 percent while there should be longer-term aspirations for zero deaths by 2050.

Other proposals include a new program for making T-junctions safer as this is a “notorious risk-point for older drivers”.

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Immediate research should also be made into the impact of physical and cognitive medical conditions on driving.

They have also called for standardised content for Driving Appraisals and a national roll-out of alternative punishments for older motorists found carelessly driving.

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“Key recommendations such as introducing mandatory eye tests at licence renewal at aged 70 are considered essential and lifesaving.

“We hope the Department for Transport welcomes the report and can provide the leadership necessary to ensure these recommendations are taken forward.

“Not only will this make driving safer for older drivers, but it will also provide a legacy of safer roads for generations to come.”

The Road Safety Foundation warns older drivers “do not pose a significant risk”.

source: express.co.uk