1kg bag of Lindt chocolate truffles for only £13.49 in Amazon’s Black Friday sale

Lindt chocolate is one of the UK’s favourite chocolate treats. But with those indulgent, rich, smooth truffles comes a steep price tag – until Black Friday rolls around on Amazon that is.

Usually retailing for £21.59, you can currently snap up a 1kg bag of Lindt chocolate truffles for just £13.49 – a nearly 40 percent discount that saves you £8.10.

Buy: Amazon (£13.49)

If you’re struggling to comprehend how much 1kg of Lindt chocolate really is, the bag comes filled with 80 of the cult-favourite balls.

This bag will not only guarantee you super-host status for festive parties and get-togethers, but it also makes a perfect gift for everyone from loose acquaintances to your nearest and dearest.

One reviewer who considered buying these chocolate balls as a gift had this to say: “I bought the big 1kg bag as a gift but ended up keeping it myself.

“Everyone in my house loves these so will last a good few weeks as we eat them sparingly to enjoy the taste for longer.

Buy: Amazon (£13.49)

“The bag is probably too big for one person but for a family or those with a serious sweet tooth, it’s a great size.

“You could put the sweets in a bowl at a birthday party for everyone to share but I don’t share my Lindt chocolates with anyone but my kids and maybe the Mrs”.

So you won’t be alone if you buy this bag as a present and have a change of heart and decide to keep it for yourself.

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source: express.co.uk