Frost: Windscreen wipers can 'hinder the safety' of drivers in cold weather

Richard Bruce, Halfords Motoring Director said damaged windscreen blades could affect “car performance”. Using wipers in freezing temperatures could even damage them and lead to costly repair bills.

This includes streaks of water not being cleared from the windscreen properly or squeaking and rubbing when the blades are turned on.

They said: “Although they’re often overlooked, windscreen wipers have one of the most important jobs to do during the winter.

“Keeping them in good condition will make winter driving easier.

“The rubber on wiper blades wears faster in the winter, so you’ll need to check them regularly.”

They said: “Don’t use your windscreen wipers until you are sure the rubber wiper blades are not frozen to the screen.

“If you do it could damage the blades or even burn out the wiper engine.

“Don’t drive off until your windscreen is fully cleared.

“If you do it will endanger your safety and you may be breaking the law.”