Big Battlefield 2042 update revealed for PS5 and Xbox Series X

Developers DICE is promising a new Battlefield 2042 update will be released this week that will help rebalance the game.

Current gameplay issues are being looked at, and the BF team are looking at removing the worst problems first.

The good news is that there will be three Battlefield 2042 updates released before the end of the year.

The next one will arrive on November 25 and fix a range of problems and rebalance certain vehicles, and it will be followed by a more substantial patch.

It seems unlikely that all of these patches will help fix all the game’s problems, but it will go a long way in reassuring fans that things will get better.

On the subject of changing vehicles, a message from DICE explains: “Our current focus is also around the behaviour of vehicles. Since the game went live, we saw the Hovercraft become a fan favourite, given its high durability and effectiveness in combat. We designed this vehicle to behave as an alternative to the LATV4, but not as an upgrade.

“In Thursday’s Update #2, we have balanced the health of this vehicle to bring it more in line with its design and made sure that its weaponry is appropriately effective.

“We’ve also performed a similar review of the Nightbird’s 20mm Cannons which were generating excessive splash damage. This will be adjusted in Update #2, and we’re continuing to monitor the behaviour of Vehicle Unlocks in case it’s observed that we need to make further changes.”

DICE has also confirmed that these changes for weapons will also be deployed later this week:

  • Reduced spread globally when zoomed and moving
  • Improved stationary zoomed accuracy for many weapons
  • Spread now decreases faster and earlier when pacing shots. This means more success with single-fire or short bursts.
  • Increased PP-29 vertical recoil to ensure that the weapon does not overperform when engaging outside of its intended combat range

And here are the other important patch notes being shared for the next Battlefield 2042 update:

  • Improved Soldier Revives, addressing ‘unable to revive when a Soldier dies close to an object, or wall’.
  • A respawn protection system that will help to prevent any extraneous issues that can leave a player in a downed state for too long and force a manual respawn when required.
  • Re-enabling our UAV-1 Interaction in Battlefield Portal, available on our Battlefield Bad Company 2 maps. It was overpowered, and we’ve made adjustments to account for that.
  • Vehicle Balancing for the LCAA Hovercraft and MD540 Nightbird mentioned above.
  • Dispersion has been reduced for all weapons except Shotguns, which results in more consistent bullet spread during gameplay.