Arlene Phillips sparks I'm A Celebrity backlash with 'OCD' comment: 'Educate yourself!'

Twitter user @HollieAnneB said: “No, Arlene, you are not ‘OCD’ about cleaning. OCD is a terrifying, life-changing illness and we need people to stop throwing the term around #ImACeleb.”

Another viewer, @glitterballsuki pointed out: “Say it with me! OCD is a mental illness, not shorthand for not liking mess come on arlene#ImACeleb.” 

@jlpcdtjlp said: “Arlene Phillips, educate yourself about OCD – its a devastating illness, not a quirk about being tidy!.” (sic)

However, @janinemalIoy defended the former Strictly judge, saying: “Arlene phillips has mentioned ocd for a while now it seems like she genuinely does have it. everyone was quick to jump on her for a few twitter likes without actually knowing circumstances.”