Caravan rule delay will leave owners in 'no man’s land' as dozens can’t use new motorhomes

New towing rules were set to be introduced on Monday but were delayed at the last moment by the DVSA. The new rules would have allowed those who passed their driving test after 1 January 1997 to tow heavier weights while driving, including larger caravans and motorhomes.

However, the rule was scrapped last Friday just three days before the new rule was set to come into effect.

No new date has since been issued for the launch of the scheme, leaving drivers who had purchased new caravan to celebrate the new rule short-changed.

Shane Malpass, spokesperson for We Buy Any Motorcaravan said dealerships had been left in a “limbo”.

He warned dozens of owners had already paid deposits for large caravans and dealers were now unsure whether to offer refunds.

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“Do they need to refund the customers, do they need to hold them.”

He added: “We’ve even had people who have sold motorhomes to us, probably going back one month to two months in preparation of having a bigger family caravan.

“Again, they are stuck in no man’s land.

“It might turn out the motorhome we sold, we need to get back now.

“But the motorhome will be a little bit more because the price has gone up with everyone buying motorhomes and caravans.”

The DVSA announced the delay on Twitter, only confirming the new rule would be introduced in the Autumn.

They said: “The rules about towing a trailer or a caravan with a car will not be changing on Monday (15 November 2021).

“The change will be introduced in autumn 2021, subject to Parliamentary approvals.

“We’ll confirm the date as soon as we can.

“You must continue to follow the current rules until the law changes.”

GOV.UK warns drivers could be fined up to £1,000 and issued six penalty points if they tow anything before the law changes.

Under some circumstances, road users could even be banned from driving.