Andrea Bocelli sings with daughter Virginia in Christmas livestream: WATCH the new trailer

Sharing his memories of Believe In Christmas last year, Andrea said: “It was a moment of pure enchantment, for me and my family: a Christmas wonderland blooming and enshrined within one of the most beautiful opera houses in the world.

“It was a tender debut for my daughter Virginia and a show in which we symbolically took the hand of the world to finally turn the page, bolstered by the magic of the spirit of Christmas, thanks to music that rose to prayer, dispensing smiles and positive energy.

“December and the loveliest time of the year are back, and I am particularly happy that Believe In Christmas is being streamed again: it will be nice to hold hands again and – with music – exchange a wish that can go beyond words and reach the hearts of each of you, as is my hope.”

The performance’s creative director was Franco Dragone, who is best-known for his incredible work with Cirque Due Soleil.