The 'ritual' moment between AJ and Kai you missed that shows why they won't win

Anyone who watches Strictly knows that the show has translated on-screen chemistry into off-screen romance since its debut in 2004. Judi revealed which of this year’s couples may be be more than just dance partners.

Judi said: “Their single status meant there were no bitter partners in the background muttering about ‘The Curse of Strictly’.”

She added: “Gorgeous AJ looked more than happy to drop huge non-verbal hints that seemed to endorse all that ‘are they dating’ speculation.”

After their performance they shared a warm embrace and huge grins.

Judi also commented on their “near-kiss”, which sent fans into a “fan frenzy”.


Kai put his hand around AJ’s waist and she held it in return.

Judi said: “There were clues during their VTs and their balcony interviews that this might just be the real thing developing.”

The pair, who were the highest on the leaderboard in Week Seven, now sit at the bottom.

Perhaps there’s trouble in paradise?

Judi suggested the couple have experienced a hiccup: “The VT at AJ’s mum’s house showed the pair not only sitting apart on separate chairs but their body language made that gap look even more pronounced.”

She added: “Neither leaned into the other, there was no touch and AJ kept her arms folded in a barrier ritual, glancing at him over her shoulder.”

But if AJ and Kai don’t win, who will?

Not Tilly and Nikita, according to expert Judi.

She said: “His chin raises and his lower jaw juts in a micro-gesture of displeasure and although he still places a supportive-looking arm around Tilly their signals of natural, semi-flirty fun seem to have vanished.”

As for Giovanni and Rose, they came second out of eight on the leaderboard last week.

Judi said: “This relationship has grown over the weeks and now Gio gazes at Rose with utter respect and a parental-looking sense of pride and adoration.”

In addition: “[Gio] might have taught Rose to dance, but she’s done incredible things for his profile by revealing this softer, more paternal and empathetic side.”

Perhaps these two are the ones to watch.