The Best Countries for the Digital Nomad Lifestyle

The idea of being a digital nomad is taking off, with the use of the internet allowing more and more people to head overseas to work. You are still doing the same job, but your laptop background of a sunny beach view is now real behind that spreadsheet.

If you think living abroad would be attractive to you, you might want to look into the digital nomad lifestyle, and you’ll be in luck: lots of countries are now offering digital nomad visas. We’ve chosen our favorite picks for the digital nomad life so read through them to find out which one would most suit you.


Cambodia is making a particular effort to attract digital nomads. On top of their friendly nomad visas, they are bustling with internet cafes and a welcoming approach to foreigners. This has turned Cambodia into a digital nomad hub, with an international community made up of foreign workers within the country.

It’s low cost of living rate is a big element that is attracting visitors, with what would be humble money in the Western world allowing for a luxurious and comfortable life in Cambodia. However, an extra aspect is the rich history that is full of traditions and culture. Visitors are regularly flocking to the world-famous temples of Angkor Wat and stay for the nature reserves that display a vast range of new flora and fauna.


If the sun isn’t so much your thing, the obvious option is to go in the opposite direction. Iceland will give you views you’ve never imagined from looking at too many travel brochures, and the culture is friendly and welcoming to newcomers.

You can work in front of the fire, in a modern igloo with a glass ceiling to watch the northern lights, or a traditional moss-covered cottage, and end the day with a dip in the hot springs or with a well-earned beer. Spend your weekends whale watching or exploring the geometric cliffs of Vik & Dyrholaey.

To entice you even more, Iceland are offering a long-term visa for remote workers and digital nomads that can last six months.


The famed Singapore skyline juxtaposed with the various nature reserves in this tiny country can make it feel like a tale of two cities, but it means there is something for everyone. The city offers a bustling business and nightlife for those who like the energy of a city but is a quick train ride away from lots of natural beauty spots across the country.

As Southeast Asia’s most important trading port, Singapore has developed into the freest economy worldwide, and therefore offers a range of industries looking for workers, like business, finance, and IT. The country welcomes highly educated or experienced workers; however, they are often in competition from the highly educated locals. Singapore’s education system is one of the best in the world, which will be attractive to expats with a family.

Singapore has a range of housing options, ranging from serviced apartments with facilities like pools, gyms, and barbecues, to traditionally decorated homes. Search for apartments in Yishun MRT to get a feel for the rent prices and average states of the housing in the area.


For the true European experience, look to Croatia. Steeped in historical relevance, with the architecture to prove it, Croatia is a beautiful country that offers beach resorts and city escapes, appealing to whoever.

Visit the UNESCO World Heritage site that is Dubrovnik, which features beautiful stark white buildings with pleasing copper rooftops against the deep blue of the surrounding water.

Visit the Plitvice Lakes National Park, the most visiting inland attraction, for a dip amongst a wonderous forest into the pool of a flowing waterfall, or visit the country’s capital, Zagreb for a Gothic history lesson by visiting the Gornji Grad cathedral.

Croatia is offering various lengths of digital nomad visas, with the maximum being 12 months.


Dubai has been hard at work looking to attract westerners. It has the world’s tallest skyscrapers and the world’s biggest shopping center, with casinos and hotel resorts to keep you entertained. Lately it seems like Dubai is the Las Vegas of the world: if something big is happening, it’s happening in Dubai. And, like Las Vegas, it is a place where the rules are stalled to allow for a good time. Some of the UAE’s more conservative laws, like the attire of women for example, have been relaxed in Dubai, in order to make westerners feel comfortable in what is essentially the world’s biggest beach resort.

And to attract you even more, Dubai, not the UAE, Dubai is offering a one-year virtual working program, which allows digital nomads to work from the beach and live in their mega-city.

The visa allows you to bring your family and work remotely while being employed in your home country and you will be able to access all required services like telecoms, utilities, and schools.