MAFS Australia: Bryce Ruthven 'sneaked out' to call police during season 8 filming

During an interview on Australian radio show Hit, Bryce and Melissa told of how the producers kept them apart and took away their phones so they couldn’t contact one another.

Bryce explained: “She [Melissa] comes in and I see her, looking as she was, just absolutely shattered, found out about the stuff [Samantha’s accusation] and I walked to the producers’ room and said ‘This is why you’ve kept her here? You’re playing with someone’s mental health.’

“They kept us separate for about half the day and I ended up sneaking out…no wallet, no phone and found a stranger and asked ‘can I have some money? I want to make a call on a payphone.’

“I called my parents, mum, dad this is what’s happening. [They said] ‘We’re all the Gold Coast we can’t help you, call the police Bryce.’ So I did.”