Drivers risk being punished after making 'porthole' mistake when de-icing their cars

Motoring lawyer Nick Freeman has warned drivers may be punished for relying on “porthole vision”. He said motorists who failed to “leave a gap big enough” could break driving laws for leaving a vehicle in a “dangerous condition”.

Mr Freeman said: “It’s annoying to wait until the windscreen clears when you’re in a hurry, it’s freezing cold and the glass is frosted over.

“But it [is] an offence to drive without properly defrosting or demisting your vehicle and the police can fine you for relying on ‘porthole vision’ – where drivers leave a gap big enough to see out of but not the whole windscreen.

“Using a vehicle with parts or accessories in a “dangerous condition” could result in a fine of £60 and three penalty points.

“Though the offences and consequences could be greater if you cause an accident.”

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Just 63 percent said they used a traditional de-icer, while 14 percent said they used a snapped credit card.

This might offer some temporary relief but is unlikely to be able to clear the entire glass windscreen.

They said: “If you’re hurrying to get to work or do the school run, it can be tempting to drive off as soon as the ice has cleared a little.

“But this could dangerously obstruct your view of the road if there’s still ice or mist on your windshield.