Martin Brundle weighs in on Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen drama – 'FIA would be mad'

“The front wheels are connected to the steering wheel, so you could already see he didn’t do a whole lot of turning, I think in a way it helped Max, in that he never once turned out of the corner to go and run Lewis [off].

“They both braked very late, Max from the dirty part of the track, what he should’ve done is stayed on the track, I think it would’ve looked much less bad.

“But he clearly ran Lewis out of road. Lewis was a reasonable amount in front, he wasn’t ahead, it wasn’t an elegant piece of driving, it was a clever piece in some respect in terms of, I think Max knew he needed the momentum coming off that run-off area, so you’ve got to question the whole run-off area.

“If there had been gravel or grass, none of that would’ve happened.

“It was marginal to say the least, I think Max was lucky he didn’t at least get a driving standards flag, another one, and you wouldn’t have been surprised if he had been given a five-second penalty, given some other things that happened.”

Verstappen leads Hamilton by 14 points heading into the final three races of the season.