Ghostbusters Afterlife end credits scenes: Epic cameo and sequel tease explained

WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD FOR GHOSTBUSTERS AFTERLIFE. It’s been 32 years since Ghostbusters II hit cinemas and despite attempts to get a third movie made, the follow-up never happened. Instead, Dan Aykroyd’s Ghostbusters III: Hellbent script ended up being adapted into the official video game a decade ago.

Then, in 2016, the franchise was rebooted with a female-led Ghostbusters spin-off featuring cameos by Dan, Bill Murray, Ernie Hudson and Sigourney Weaver.

But now a proper Ghostbusters III has been made in Ghostbusters: Afterlife, which hit UK cinemas today.

The new movie was co-written and directed by Jason Reitman, the son of Ivan Reitman who helmed the first two movies.

Ghostbusters: Afterlife is full of surprises and spoilers, including the film’s two end credits scenes.

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Not only was the late Harold Ramis’ Egon recreated with motion-capture as a human and ghost, but the three surviving Ghostbusters returned to fight Gozer once more.

After the film concluded, there was a mid-credits scene features Murray’s Dr Peter Venkman with Weaver’s Dana Barrett at home together.

The footage saw her using her lover’s psychic Zener cards test on him with an electric shock buzzer; a great Easter egg for fans of the first movie.

But then there was the post credits scene, which saw Hudson’s Winston Zeddemore returning to the team’s old New York fire station HQ.

Additionally, Dan has penned a prequel script called Ghostbusters High, which is set in 1969 New Jersey.

The story follows Peter, Egon and Ray when they first met as teenagers some 15 years before the events of the first movie.

Ghostbusters High could potentially be a TV show with Jason involved in its development. Whatever the case, this popular franchise isn’t going anywhere.

Ghostbusters: Afterlife is out now in UK cinemas.