Australia news live update: Morrison says he ‘couldn’t have been clearer’ denouncing violent threats from Victoria protests; Tyrrell search enters fifth day

We can compare this and compare that. Ultimately, we’ve always been here in NSW about leading the way.

The reality is that there are very little restrictions or very little difference between two square metres and no limit.

As the prime minister said – I don’t like restrictions as much as anyone else. I want to get government out of the way. We primarily believe in freedom and that is a core part of Liberal party philosophy and we had to put restrictions in to keep our people safe. Everyone has done an amazing job, particularly in NSW, in going out, getting vaccinated and now we can open up.

We’ve led the way on bringing back schools. I’m not going to get compared to Victoria when they’ve had more days in lockdown than probably anywhere else in the world.

What we’ve done in NSW is get the balance right. We haven’t always got it right. It’s difficult to make some of these decisions. But we’ll continue to lead, particularly on Chris’s question in relation to schools. We’re looking at that.

We want to make that as easy as possible and we want to get government out of the way. And by December 15, in this state, almost every single restriction will be lifted.