Bond, James Bond: casino games that 007 is good at

Regardless of the game, James Bond always has every one of the correct answers and moves to ensure he leaves with the money. Nonetheless, which one of the games is his top choice?

Bond, James Bond. Who doesn’t understand that line? Such is the prevalence of the long-term film establishment, and the first books are written by Ian Fleming, that there isn’t much with regards to Bond we don’t have a clue. The man likes his martini’s – shaken, not mixed – he can’t get enough of alluring ladies, and they, him. While he additionally turns out to be the most prestigious MI-6 agent of all time.

What you probably won’t have known about 007 is that he plays a mean hand of cards, among other thrilling gambling club games. A few hands have even got him into a couple of interesting circumstances, as we’ll draw to in our nearer investigation of games the enchanting chap has been seen playing over his numerous & long time on the cinema.

In any case, let’s investigate James Bond’s cherished gambling club games.


The first that rings a bell is past Texas Hold’em – Poker. It wasn’t that long ago that we saw him playing it all things considered. In 2006’s Casino Royale, we see Bond pulling off some genuine moves in an extremely underground high-stakes poker competition, in the long run going toward the antagonist of the flick, Le Chiffre, played by the convincing Mads Mikkelsen. Since we consider it, 2006 is currently 15 years prior. In that time, we’ve seen the electric vehicle, a very rich person US president, and the ascent of online gambling clubs where even Bond might appreciate playing the games every so often; rather than the customary physical foundations.

While we could expect Bond was just having poker as the impact of his spy gig, there’s a scene in the film where M, the head of MI6, specifies that Bond is the poker champion inside the organization. In case you will be awesome at something, it shows how great you are if it implies being awesome out of a gathering of MI6 specialists.


We’re visiting 1971, where Bond took to the craps table to show his ability in Diamonds Are Forever. The way that the film didn’t get the best critic review doesn’t matter. It’s difficult to realize exactly the amount Bond loves craps, as this is strangely the main time we see him play. Be that as it may, typically the extraordinary man makes playing the game as simple as going for a walk in the park.

He gets a little help from the exceptionally lovely Plenty O’Tool, which in the wake of presenting herself Bond answers “named after your dad?”. He additionally specifies that he’d just played the game once previously, however, we’re certain this specialist is logically better than he makes out.


Baccarat is often known as James Bond’s cherished gambling club game, we think that he is finding a spot at a Baccarat table in Dr. No, Thunderball, On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, and GoldenEye. According to Exycasinos, Baccarat is a game that has various varieties, the one which we ordinarily observe Bond playing is called Chemin de Fer. The name comes from the French expression ‘railroad’ which was at the hour of its creation – in the nineteenth century – the quickest method of transport. Six decks of cards are rearranged, with the players managing two cards from the seller and asked to either get another card or to remain with the two they got. At the point when the player and investor are settled, the two hands are uncovered and the better hand wins.

Whenever we first see Bond playing Baccarat is in the principal James Bond film, Dr. No, delivered in 1962. Bond is acting as the dealer, managing cards to players who later become the main ‘Bond young lady’ Sylvia channel. Bond appears to have a couple of fortunate rounds against his rival, who comments on his luck before raising the stake a bit and presenting herself, giving Bond the ideal moment to dive in with that all-familiar dialogue, ‘Bond, James Bond’.