Free Baba Is You update doubles size of game, adds cross-platform level editor

Hempuli Oy has released a sweet update to Baba Is You, the brilliant puzzle game that took us all by storm in 2019. It’s not just the cross-platform level editor that was promised in the past, but a full-on expansion sized load of stuff with it. There are 150 new puzzles, 100 puzzles that showcase unused designs and cut content, and new objects, art, music, etc. It’s a lot of extremely exciting stuff if you, like me, want more Baba Is You. It’s also free, on top of a game you probably paid no more than $15 US for.

The editor comes along with a curated list of featured community-made levels, and the ability to share your levels with others even if they’re on Switch or Android or iOS or whatever other platform. 

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