Lucifer plot hole: Fans baffled by major character absence in season 6 ending

Eve’s shift from being focused on Lucifer to Mazikeen moved her away from being associated with the newly titled God.

One fan disagreed with the writer’s decision to exclude her from the major season six ending and wrote: “I would have considered Eve as a core character, one full season was around her.

“She was the love interest of two main characters, not to mention that she could be useful too,” they continued.

“She has known Lucifer for a very long time and has experience with God/celestials stuff, surely she could have seen something the others don’t.”

While her wedding with Mazikeen was a huge moment for Lucifer streamers, the viewers remain convinced she should’ve been there for Lucifer in the last episodes.

Lucifer seasons 1-6 are available to stream on Netflix.