Vikings season 6: Fans expose 'real reason' for Kjetill Flatnose retreat: did you spot it?

The original Norse drama will soon be followed up by a new spin-off, Vikings: Valhalla, coming soon on Netflix. In the meantime, diehard Vikings fans have been returning to the classic History series, which concluded on Prime Video last year, and the fate of Kjetill Flatnose (played by Adam Copeland) is still causing some confusion.

Viewers may have finally answered one of the biggest questions hanging over the sixth and final season of Vikings.

After allying himself with rebellious warrior Ivar the Boneless (Alex Høgh Andersen), Kjetill stakes a claim in Greenland and faces his enemies atop a beached whale.

Ubbe (Jordan Patrick Smith) confronts the vicious warrior when he refuses to share the whale with the rest of the settlers.

However, he soon decides to retreat despite having enough men on his side to take him down.

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Now declaring himself the King of Greenland, viewers have long since wondered why Ubbe abandoned Kjetill to his own devices.

Reddit user PlinyToTrajan recently asked: “Why did the band of Vikings flee Kjetill Flatnose and his whale?”

They argued Ubbe had more than enough men to take down the mad king.

Although Kjetill was one of the toughest soldiers seen in the series so far, helped by Adam Copeland aka wrestler The Edge’s portrayal, this fan maintained Ubbe’s small army would have been strong enough to overpower him.

Despite their obvious tactical advantage, other viewers maintained it simply wasn’t worth taking on the enraged Flatnose head-on.

User harcile replied: “I think it was a combination of the sheer violence, hunger, chaos, superstition etc it just all of a sudden became a place they wanted to flee.”

Ubbe’s travels to Iceland had already spiralled out of control, and Kjetill succumbing to madness was simply the final straw.

His band of warriors may not have been thinking rationally, but by then the expedition had been cursed and the only solution was to disembark as quickly as possible.

Will_Ratcliffe98 also proposed: “They wanted Iceland to be different, they didn’t want to be killing people and resorting to the ‘old ways’.”

Rather than giving in to his mad demands, Ubbe decided to take the higher ground and leave Kjetill’s brutality behind them.

As he had supposedly made it from Iceland to Norway before, there is still a slim chance Kjetill survived for some years, though unfortunately his final moments were never revealed.

Vikings: Valhalla will be released on Netflix in 2022.