Jake Edwards MAFS Australia: Where is Rebecca Zemek's husband now?

Jake Edwards was paired up with Rebecca Zemek on series eight of Married at First Sight Australia. They didn’t exactly hit it off when they first met at the altar as Rebecca clearly didn’t like Jake from the start. Nevertheless, they remained in the experiment and tried to give their newfound romance a go.

WARNING: This article contains spoilers from MAFS Australia.

On the day of their wedding, Rebecca said she felt like a “piece of meat” by Jake.

His family then confessed to thinking his new wife would be hard work and their honeymoon wasn’t the romantic break either of them wanted.

Jake wanted to stay in the experiment, despite Rebecca’s eagerness to leave but they were in it until the end.

In the final commitment ceremony, the couple even decided to stay together, much to everyone’s surprise.

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Jake has gone Instagram-official with new girlfriend Clare Rankin who he has been dating for around eight weeks.

He posted several photos and videos of them together with the caption: “Never been happier. You have the biggest heart, you ground me, you’re smart, you’re beautiful and yes you’re funny.

“In fact, you’re perfect. Thank you for being you.”

Some of his fellow MAFS Australia stars expressed their joy at their friend finding love.

source: express.co.uk