Want a discount on your Netflix? New bonus from TalkTalk broadband can help

TalkTalk has partnered with Netflix to bring its immensely-popular streaming service to its broadband customers – at a discount. TalkTalk customers can now pair its Fibre 65 plan with a Netflix subscription in a single monthly bill. That means you’ll get access to stream and download everything from Netflix’s impressive catalogue of films and boxsets across all of your devices, free calls to fellow TalkTalk customers, unlimited downloads and average speeds of 67Mbps.

For that, you’ll need to pay £31.95 a month for the 18-month contract. TalkTalk charges £23 a month for the same speeds without a Netflix subscription, which means you’ll unlock the Standard tier subscription from Netflix for £8.95. Buying the same bundle from Netflix costs £9.99 a month. Over the course of your contract, that’s a saving of almost £20 just for bundling the two services into the same monthly Direct Debit, which isn’t too shabby at all.

Better yet, if you want to upgrade to the top-tier Premium subscription from Netflix, TalkTalk only asks for an extra £4 a month. That means you’ll effectively be paying £12.95 a month for the best package that Netflix offers – and currently charges £13.99 a month to all other customers. Netflix’s Premium subscription offers the ability to stream on four screens at the same time, rather than the two available with the Standard bundle. It also increases the picture quality available up to 4K Ultra HD.

Netflix is responsible for some of the most talked-about shows in recent memory, with the likes of Squid Game, Bridgerton, Sex Education, The Haunting Of Hill House, Making A Murderer, and Tiger King launching in the last few years. It also has a vast library of syndicated shows and movies, including the arrival of Seinfeld and Friends.

While it’s great that TalkTalk has partnered with the firm to bring its vast library to customers at a discounted price, it’s a missed opportunity that customers can’t add the streaming service to the speedier Full-Fibre bundles available from TalkTalk. The company, which relies on BT-owned Openreach’s infrastructure to connect its customers to the internet, currently offers download speeds of 145Mbps (around twice the UK average download speed) for £28 a month.

Netflix’s must-have streaming service is already available bundled with the basic Sky TV package, which costs £26 a month. However, that also includes access to Sky-exclusive channels, like Sky Atlantic, which has the rights to some of the biggest US dramas, including Mare Of Easttown, The White Lotus, and Succession.

source: express.co.uk