No comment! Shamima Begum's husband refuses to condemn ISIS beheadings

Yago Riedijk, who had three children with the jihadi bride, even hopes to see another caliphate established. Speaking from Kurdish-run al-Roj prison in northern Syria, he branded the couple’s life under the extremist Islamist group as “beautiful”.

And while he condemned terror attacks claimed by ISIS in the West, he remained silent of the group’s treatment of violence against Yazidis and other Muslims.

In the eyes of ISIS, the Yazidis and even other Muslims who didn’t follow their extreme form of Sunni Islam are heretics.

This meant they were judged as sub-human and could be beheaded, abused and sold as sex slaves.

Throughout the caliphate’s existence, it conducted a genocide against the ethnic group during which thousands of men were murdered and thousands of women and girls were forced into sexual slavery.

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Again he refused to condemn the acts of barbarity saying: “I can’t really comment.”

During the interview, he went on to claim that he did not believe ISIS was finished.

He even hoped to see another caliphate created that adheres to the “Islamic traditions” established under ISIS.

The Dutch national – who was radicalised online before fleeing to Syria – also spoke about his life with Begum.

The pair married days after she arrived in Syria from East London, aged 15, in 2015.

They went on to have three children together, all of whom have died in infancy.

Begum is being held in Kurdish-run refugee camp al-Roj in northern Syrian as she battles to overturn being stripped of her citizenship in February 2019.

Riedijk is being held in al-Roj detention centre.

He was convicted in a Netherlands court in 2018 for joining the extremist group and will face a six-year jail term if he ever tries to return to Europe.

When asked about ISIS-claimed terror attacks in Germany, France and the UK, he was more sympathetic.

“Personally, I don’t agree with these attacks for a couple of reasons,” he said.

“The prohibition of killing innocent people in Islam, women and children.

“I see these attacks as not being Islamicly responsible [sic].”