Back 4 Blood update: Full patch notes reveal biggest PS4 and Xbox changes

The team behind Back 4 Blood have been busy making some big changes to the game, with more planned before the end of the year.

Today’s Back 4 Blood update is smaller in scope than some that are being planned for the coming months, but gamers will still want to know what has been tweaked.

In terms of new content, Turtle Rock has not added anything major that will catch the eye.

However, they have made some big refinements to other mechanics which could change the way you play.

Fans have pointed out that gamers using melee builds will be the most affected, with a range of buffs and nerfs confirmed.

Here are all the Back 4 Blood cards updates that fans will want to know about right away:

  • Negative ammo capacity effects from cards now apply instantly after the card is drawn
  • Batter Up – Melee Damage adjusted to 40% from 50%
  • Brazen – Stamina efficiency adjusted to 20% from 30%
  • Breakout – Decreased use time to 3 seconds from 4 seconds
  • Face Your Fears – Adjusted to 2 Temporary Health from 3
  • Fresh Bandage – Now instantly applies its trauma heal effect when spawning into the safe room it is selected in
  • Ignore The Pain – Now restores health instead of providing Temporary Health
  • Inspiring Sacrifice – Heal decreased to 20 over 15 seconds from 25 over 20 seconds
  • Mean Drunk – Melee Damage adjusted to 60% from 75%
  • Meth Head – Stamina efficiency adjusted to 30% from 40%
  • Money Grubbers – Now grants 3 bonus copper per stack (from 5) and a max bonus of 75 (from 100)
  • Spikey Bits – Melee Damage adjusted to 20% from 25%
  • True Grit – Heal increased to 10 from 8

The other list of changes shared in the November patch notes are long and cover all aspects of Back 4 Blood that has been altered.

Highlights from the official Back 4 Blood notes can be found below and include the following details.


  • General

    • Weapons no longer revert to their default loadout when continuing a run in Training (previously named “Solo Campaign”)

    • Bots now use defibrillators more effectively

    • Improved character behavior when dropping and picking up items in certain locations

    • Flashbang now affects Common Ridden that are climbing on hit

    • Ogres are no longer outlined for Karlee after burrowing underground

    • Chapter Specific Updates

      • Blue Dog Hollow: Bad Seeds – Destroying the nest in Nightmare difficulty now spawns an endless horde

      • The Armory: The Handy Man – Bob’s Arm now appears in the scanning animation while the player has “Auto Select New Weapons” on

      • Dr. Roger’s Neighborhood “Gather Research” objective adjusted to account for solo players