Family see 'wonderful father' killed by great white shark in Western Australia

Paul Millachip, 57, was attacked while swimming near Perth on Saturday – with his wife and two adult children on the beach.

His wife – who has asked for her first name not to be published – held back tears as she said: “Rest in peace Paul.”

She added: “He died doing what he enjoyed doing the most, which was exercising.”

The shark just “came out of the blue,” she said, adding that the father of two was a “wonderful man” and “a wonderful father”.

She said two teenagers on a boat who saw the incident warned other swimmers.

They were later praised for their “heroics” at Port Beach. Police have now called off the search for Mr Millachip who was a regular at the popular destination.

Local beaches were closed after the incident.

Western Australia premier Mark McGowan said: “A family is now grieving, a man has lost his life.

“It’s a terribly sad situation.”

The most recent fatal shark attack in Australia was on September 5 in New South Wales on the eastern coast of Australia.