'China’s going to take over Bagram!' Trump blasts Biden’s Afghan withdrawal

In an interview with Fox News, the former US President said: “What they did with the so-called withdrawal, which was really a surrender, what they did, it was the most embarrassing, horrible thing, and I don’t know that we ever psychologically recover from that.”

Trump suggested he would have continued a presence and hold at the Parwan Detention Facility.

The facility is a military prison on the Bagram Air Base, formerly the largest US military base in Afghanistan.

He said: “We would have kept Bagram because it is next to China.

“It is one hour away from their nuclear facility, and we gave that up too.”

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Trump added: “It was time to get out, but the way he got out was such a disaster.”

Trump admitted he would have handled the withdrawal differently, he said: “We would have gotten all the people out, we would have brought all of our equipment out, we wouldn’t have had dead soldiers, we wouldn’t have soldiers missing arms and legs—because people don’t even talk about that—we lost 13, but we have many that have been gravely wounded.”

According to a poll on August 20, Biden’s disapproval rating went above 50 percent.

However, on Sunday, National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan told CNN’s Fareed Zakaria the Biden administration believes the US is doing better being out of Afghanistan.

He said: “The fundamental decisions— the decision to leave, the decision to continue the drawdown over the course of the summer, and the decision to ultimately execute on this contingency plan and run this evacuation up through August 31 — the president has stood by those decisions.”

He added: “We stand behind those decisions, and we believe that the United States’ national interests are better secured by being out of Afghanistan today than if we were still in Afghanistan today.”

source: express.co.uk