Love Island's Anton Danyluk Says He's "Blessed to Be Alive" After Crashing Into Bus in Dubai

Anton Danyluk, best known as a contestant on the fifth season of Love Island, shared that he is “blessed to be alive” following a car accident this week.

The reality star posted a photo of the car wreck to his Instagram Story, saying he collided with a bus in Dubai on Oct. 26 but is “absolutely fine.”

“Feeling blessed to be alive after this last night,” Anton, 27, wrote. “I’m okay just feel so grateful that no one was hurt.”

He later explained in a video that he was driving home from the gym when he encountered a bus.

“A bus basically came across me and he’s braked hard because he’s went over a speed bump,” he recalled. “I’ve went into the sort of the side of the back of him… I don’t know how I’m OK.” 

He said the buses are “always in a rush to get places,” writing on social media, “Those who drive in Dubai will know the drivers are mad out herr [sic] always rushing about you have to have eyes [in] the back of your head.”