Squid Game: Will Gi-hun go undercover to infiltrate the games?

Squid Game is one of the world’s most talked-about shows right now with subscribers hoping for a second series. The Netflix South Korean drama shocked many as 456 contestants were forced to challenge one another in a string of children’s games in a bid to not only win 45.6 billion Won but to save their lives as well. Gi-hun (played by Lee Jung-jae) managed to beat all of his fellow competitors but at what cost?

WARNING: This article contains spoilers from Squid Game.

Will Gi-hun go undercover to infiltrate the games?

From the Red Light, Green Light robot and the lethal tug of war, to the intensity of watching hundreds of people be murdered, Squid Game was a traumatic experience for Gi-hun to say the least.

Nevertheless, he managed to come out on top and was declared the latest winner of the games.

In the finale though, it was shown that Gi-hun had become depressed as he couldn’t help but think about everything that happened on the island.

To try and move one, he was preparing to leave Korea and see his daughter but at the last minute, Gi-hun changed his mind.

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There are alternative ways of Gi-hun attempting to shut down the island.

He will have unlimited resources at his disposal after winning the prize money.

So he may not have to physically go back to the Squid Game after all but either way, it will be interesting to see what his next move will be.

That is if Squid Game is actually given a second season by Netflix.

source: express.co.uk