'He's tall and he's not fat' Len Goodman clarifies Dan Walker Strictly comments

He went on: “My problem is that I struggle to function on an empty stomach. For the first six months, I ate a bowl of porridge at 5.30 every morning but now I have switched to religiously eating peanut butter on toast at the same time without fail.

“These early starts do strange things to you. If I end up doing this job for long, I worry I will be 25 stone and have a face like Skeletor.”

Fast forward three years to now and Dan has clearly managed to take stock of his health, while his participation in Strictly Come Dancing has certainly worked in his favour.

In a post on his Instagram, Dan said: “Working on my new dancey posture with @sallynugenttv on the BBC Breakfast this morning. Also noticed that my trousers were a bit loosey goosey. Turns out I’ve lost a third of a stone already dancing with @nadiyabychkova!!” (sic)

source: express.co.uk