12 Things To Check Out After You've Binged Squid Game

In Gantz 0, the death game starts after its main characters have already passed on from this world. Based on the manga and anime series, the movie follows Masaru Kato after he dies from a knife attack in a subway. Masaru wakes up to find himself revived alongside other recently deceased people in a room with a black orb called “Gantz.”

After the team put on skin-tight futuristic suits, the orb announces that they have two hours to kill an army of alien monsters in Osaka and Tokyo. With each monster they kill, they earn bonuses like upgraded weapons, the ability to resurrect an ally, and the final prize: freedom from the game. If they fail, they die permanently. Be warned, this CGI movie is not for the faint of heart. It features graphic portrayals of violence, gore, sex, and nudity throughout.

Gantz 0 is available to watch on Netflix.

source: gamezpot.com