Christopher Biggins sparks fury as he slams Superman's bisexual son as 'pandering to woke'

Twitter user @Marshmallow3UK agreed that Biggins seemed to be confused: “I think Biggins thought it was superman, not his son. Even though Richard said it’s the son multiple times.”

@BrynCleat tweeted: “If getting a paid gig on TV to discuss something, the very least Christopher Biggins could do is Google the subject matter for 10 minutes. It’s not Clark Kents Superman that is Bi, it’s Lois & Clarks son, Jon Kent.”

Other Twitter users agreed with Hassan, such as @Baumflough, who wrote: “I thought the most sensible comment was, ‘It doesn’t affect your life.’ Quite. It may, however, affect the lives of those who live with self-loathing, lots of questions and a need for a role model.

The Being LGBTQ Podcast also pointed out: “Times change thankfully! The level of triggering a fictional character coming out as bisexual has caused its absolutely pathetic. It’s a beautifully positive thing. End of.”