Our Yorkshire Farm star Amanda Owen 'stressed' after new partner sparks chaos

Amanda Owen, who is the star of Our Yorkshire Farm, admitted she had been left “dogless” during tonight’s episode. The mum-of-nine explained that her husband Clive Owen had given her an alternative which soon sparked chaos on Ravenseat Farm.

During the programme, the 47-year-old shared that her trusted companion and sheepdog would be unavailable.

The shepherdess announced that her beloved pooch Kate was six weeks pregnant and could no longer run Ravenseat Farm alongside Amanda.

Her other half’s dog Midge was the shepherdess’ only option as she attempted to “forge a new partnership”.

Clive explained: “Midge is my main dog. He is a very good dog but he is very young and he is very strong.

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The TV star and her four-year-old daughter Nancy chased after the sheepdog.

Amanda growled: “Midge lie down!”

But the shepherdess was not having much luck, as she fumed: “He’s not listening.”

“I don’t think Midge does slow down,” the shepherdess remarked.

source: express.co.uk