Matt Baker horrified as trousers split in front of family ‘My jeans have ripped!’

Mariella asked: “Matt Baker, how did you ever, not because you weren’t good at it obviously, but how did you end up on television?”

Laughing at her surprise, he explained: “I mean, I never wanted to be a presenter. (It) purely happened by accident, I mean I write about it all in the book.” 

He continued and spoke about his dyslexia: “One television programme led onto another on to another on to another and yes, autocue has been an absolute nightmare and I genuinely, I learn everything that I am doing,” he said.

“I mean that’s the flip side is that when you’re learning to read as a six-year-old, your brain is learning incredibly hard to be able to pick out these words and to say what you think it says.

“That pressure that you’re under while you’re doing it is another thing that has set me up in good stead because I’m used to working in a very high-pressure situation simply by being asked to read.”

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