Grand Theft Auto: Trilogy Definitive Edition Price May Have Leaked

neutralgamer19922h ago(Edited 2h ago)

Hopefully I am wrong but if they were actually putting in a lot of effort into these remasters maybe they would have showed us something. By them simply announcing them the way they did I feel like there will be very minor updates to gameplay and graphics. So for them to charge full price is just simply ridiculous they should be $40 Max. Now I hope I am wrong and when they finally reveal them there are major changes to graphics and especially gameplay.

For those who were blaming Sony for the $70 price tag, this isn’t a one publisher issue. most publishers will jump on board to charge 70 because that’s $10 extra they can get away with. And what’s crazy is these remasters will most probably settled like crazy even at full price

Hopefully they can remaster max Payne trilogy, original RDR and Bully(maybe they can do RDR and Bully in one package)

One game I want remastered is the warriors not sure if it will happen or not(and maybe midnight club)