'Will they kill me?' Chris Packham shares concern about ‘what's next’ after arson attack

Chris Packham, 60, has been left worried about what’s next after a terrifying arson attack at his home. The beloved wildlife presenter shared his concerns in a Twitter video detailing the attack.

Springwatch host Chris has detailed how masked men left a Range Rover outside his house on Friday morning.

They set it on fire in a dangerous act, which left the presenter having to call the fire brigade.

Now, Chris has shared how he will keep campaigning following what has happened.

In a video posted to his Twitter, he admitted he may have been targeted by trolls who opposed his anti-hunting views.

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In the tweet alongside his video, he wrote: “Harassment, relentless abuse, intimidation and now arson.

“And what next . . . ? I will not be cowed, I will not buckle, but can I ask for your help?

“If you are an @nationaltrust member please sign to end hunting here and now.”

The wildlife presenter yesterday opened up to the Mirror about the incident.

source: express.co.uk