Gogglebox's Giles Wood admits gifting chlamydia tests 'Kill two birds with one stone'

Giles Wood has admitted giving away free chlamydia tests once in a bid to give “useful presents” to friends. Fans were left stunned when the revelation aired in Friday night’s episode.

At the beginning of the episode, Mary and Giles begin discussing the topic of Christmas.

Mary said: “I remember the year we went to stay with some people and there were five girls and you gave each one of them a free chlamydia test that you’d at the doctors.”

Giles, admitted it, replying: “I gave them a testing kit I got free from the surgery.

“I thought it would be good to kill two birds with one stone.”

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Giles didn’t stop with the jokes on Friday night’s episode, very shortly after pranking his wife.

Mary was sitting minding her business when Giles said he brought a hedgehog in and when it bit him, he threw it at Mary.

Alerting Mary, she jumped up from her seat to then see it was not the hedgehog Giles had said it was.

The item looked like a spiky ornament that resembled a hedgehog to Mary’s distaste.

source: express.co.uk