Elvis ex Mindi Miller's first date with The King: ‘Remarkable energy, arrived holding gun’

Being such a huge star, Elvis Presley dated many women over his 42 years. And one of them was model and actress Mindi Miller, who has shared the remarkable story of her first couple of dates with The King in March 1975. Speaking with Elvis expert Billy Stallings Spa Guy on his YouTube channel, Mindi was 24-years-old when she was invited to a party at Elvis’ Los Angeles home at 144 Monovale Drive.

Mindi shared: “I had my first two dates with him there and it was an incredible time. I was asked to go to a party and I went to the house not knowing that I was supposed to be his date. And as it turned out there was no party and as I always say, I was the party!

“All the Memphis Mafia were there and they led me into a room and all the guys were sitting around the room and they started talking to me and asking all kinds of questions.”

They asked her during the girlfriend vetting process: “Are you religious? Do you have any spiritual beliefs? What are your family like? Where did you go to school?”

Mindi added: “I didn’t really think much about it at the time but about an hour later two of the guys left and I would say probably about 10 or 15 minutes later I felt this incredible presence to my right.”

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Mindi said: “I always tell people that Elvis’ energy entered the room before he did. His energy was remarkable. It was off the charts. I’m very much an empath and I feel things very deeply.

“And I could feel this energy and I looked to my right and there’s Elvis standing in the doorway. The first thing he did was he looked at me.”

The King was dressed casually in a tracksuit with a little white tennis cap, similar to those he’s seen wearing in pictures from vacation in Hawaii around this time. Elvis said to her: “Honey, I’m sorry I’m late but so are you.”

Mindi explained: “I was an hour later because I thought I was going to a party and everybody’s later in LA for a party. So I had no idea I was going to meet him, let alone have a date with him.”

Mindi continued: “He sat down, he introduced himself to me and within the first hour he offered to buy me a car, which I turned down. He offered to give me jewellery, which I turned down. He put on a karate exhibit with Sonny and Red West and Dave Heble.

“And he put on his [karate] gi and we started talking about all the things we had in common. I grew up in Hawaii, he loved Hawaii. I loved firearms, he did too. He rode horses, I grew up on horses. I was taking Shotokan karate at the time. He’d been in Kenpo karate for a lot of years.

“He was very, very spiritual, as was I. So we found that we had an awful lot in common and the entire night we never stopped talking. I guess I got to the house the first night probably about 10 o’clock. And I didn’t leave the house on the first or second date until 7 o’clock the next morning.”

The pair talked about the world, about God and what they thought about life after death before Elvis had the Memphis Mafia come in and bring her some spiritual books which she did accept and still owns to this day.

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After getting home to her apartment at 7am, Elvis called her and said: “Honey I just wanted to make sure you got home okay.”

Mindi said how sweet he was and they ended up talking for another two hours. But before ending the call, The King said he’d like to see her that evening which she agreed to.

Later that day Elvis arrived at her place in his black Mercedes limousine, which is now on display at Graceland. The star was standing up in the sunroof, dressed beautifully in black and holding a long-barrelled rifle which was pointed straight up at the sky.

One of the Memphis Mafia came to her door to say Elvis had arrived and she went to meet him at the car. There, The King came down from the sunroof with the gun and took her hand like a true gentleman, before guiding her inside the vehicle and saying: “Honey, it’s so good to see you.”

Their second date involved driving around Beverly Hills all night and Elvis took Mindi to places where he played touch football and to see one of his other houses. Then, back at Monovale Drive they studied books, read and got to know each other better before Elvis asked to see her again the next evening.

However, she couldn’t accept though as she was set to head home to northern Italy where she was living at the time. But The King wouldn’t take no for an answer telling her: “No I want you to stay, I want you to be my girlfriend. You’ll come on tour with me. I want you to meet my Daddy, I want you to see Graceland.”

Soon afterwards Joe Esposito’s ex-wife met with Mindi and handed her an envelope containing $5000 in cash from Elvis for clothes for his upcoming tour and to get her car fixed since she wouldn’t, at the time, accept a new one from him.

Mindi added: “When I met him it wasn’t Ga Ga Land. I was very calm. I was very sedate. It was a matter of fact, he’s another entertainer. I’m happy to meet him. I never thought in a bazillion years that he would ever say to me I want you to be my girlfriend.”

source: express.co.uk