Capitol police respond to 'suspicious vehicle' outside the U.S. Supreme Court, officials say

Capitol police responded to a suspicious SUV outside the U.S. Supreme Court Tuesday morning and used a flash-bang to force the person out of the vehicle, according to authorities.

Deputy Chief Jason Bell said the suspect “illegally parked” his vehicle outside the building around 9:30 a.m. Police identified him in a tweet as Dale Paul Melvin, 55, of Kimball, Michigan.

Officers immediately responded but the Melvin refused to talk and made a statement to the effect of the “time for talking is done,” Bell said at a news conference.

“At that time we backed off, had our crisis negotiation officers attempt to speak with him. The man was refusing to speak,” Bell said.

Teams “moved in” around 11 a.m., removed the man from the vehicle and placed him under arrest, according to the deputy chief.

Bell said no weapons were found in the vehicle and investigators do not have a motive. The incident remains under investigation.

Melvin was arrested on charges of failure to obey and assault on a police officer, according to a Capitol police statement.

Authorities said Melvin went to the Capitol Complex in August and “made concerning statements.” Police did not release any additional information about that incident.