Capcom Wants PC to be Their Main Platform, Aiming for 50 Percent PC Sales by 2022/2023

Tapani18m ago(Edited 13m ago)

I welcome this with open arms. In fact, I’d love to have all the games on all platforms, I’m not a big fan of exclusives anymore. Consoles are very similar to PCs anyway, so I’d rather just have them release everything multiplatform. I want to see all the options on the table. I wish Nintendo would release their games on PC as well, I wouldn’t mind playing a native app Breath of the Wild on a Steam Deck and desktop Steam app using cross-saves.

I sold my PS4 Pro recently, and I’m almost thinking of buying many of the PS4 games again on PC instead of buying a PS5. They’d be around the same amount to upgrade for PS5, 5-10 bucks. I didn’t feel like this until I got to experience PC gaming at its very best.

I can’t for example imagine playing Capcom’s Monster Hunter World or Resident Evil 7&8, or Bend’s superb Days Gone on base PS4 in 1080p 30fps with frame-pacing issues and bugs. I’d rather have these on PC in 4K native for clarity, 60fps for better controls and lesser input lag, reshade + mods to enhance visuals, and everything turned to max to see the beautiful art the creators have come up with. I haven’t bought any games at launch in a long time, though, except the ones that are incredibly polished from the get go. Typically after 6-12 months of patches and fix/enhancing mods, most console-first games are essentially much better on PC.

Interestingly, I think Tales of the Arise is a fantastic example how to do a game launch. I bet it’s going to sell incredibly well as it runs, looks, and feels great on all platforms.