Golfers attacked by camouflage-clad suspects after air horn disruption: cops

Three golfers were attacked at an Alabama course by camouflage-clad suspects during a confrontation set off by an air horn blasted during their backswings, officials said.

The wild incident — straight out of “Jackass: The Movie” — occurred Sunday during a tournament at Craft Farms Golf Resort in Gulf Shores, where some of six young assailants were recording their antics, general manager Chad Leonard told The Post Friday.

“I spoke with the golfers and their belief is that this was a TikTok social media play, or the kids trying to get famous on social media,” Leonard said. “At least one of them, according to the golfers, was filming, maybe two. So I think quite frankly this was a prank gone wrong.”

“I don’t know where they got their inspiration from,” Leonard said. “But it’s clear to me it was all social media-related.”

Leonard said he doesn’t believe any footage of the “prank” had been posted online.

Lt. Jason Woodruff told WALA the three golfers were teeing off on the third hole on the resort’s Cotton Creek Course when someone hiding in woods nearby set off an air horn during their backswings.

The golfers then confronted the disruptive suspect in his 20s, leading to a confrontation that escalated when several others in camouflage came out of the woods and pounced on the golfers, Woodruff said.

“An assault occurred at that point,” Woodruff told the station. “Some words were said, I’m sure back and forth, and the people in the wood line were dressed in camouflage and they basically attacked these three golfers.”

One of the golfers was taken to a hospital with a severe cut on his head and broken teeth, Woodruff said. The elderly men were playing in a local tournament at the time, according to Leonard.

“Us golf professionals, we always claim we’re going to write a book on all the craziness we see on the golf course, but this is definitely on another level,” Leonard said.

The six suspects believed to have been involved in the assault have been identified, Gulf Shores police Lt. Bill Cowan told The Post. Investigators were in the process of interviewing them Friday, but no charges had been filed, he said.

“And we will determine what, if any, charges are appropriate,” Cowan said.

The suspects, all of whom are in their 20s, are from Baldwin County. All of them had yet to be interviewed midday Friday, Cowan said.

Leonard insisted the golf course was safe and characterized the incident as a “random prank” gone awry. Additional security measures will be added to the course if necessary, he said.

“We’re going to wait until we find out from police exactly what happened, but we don’t need additional security,” Leonard said.

A man who lives near Craft Farms Golf Resort spotted two people, a male passenger and a female driver, in a car that picked up the camouflaged suspects and drove off — but not before the quick-thinking resident jotted down a license plate, WALA reported.

“Very shocking,” John Reimers told WALA. “Hard to believe something like that would be set up and done in this neighborhood and especially on this golf course on private property.”