Australia to start mandatory vaccinations for health workers – ‘no jab, no pay’

Prime Minister Scott Morrison is supposed to reveal a new vaccination policy during the weekly national cabinet meeting on Friday. All health workers should be forced to get their Covid vaccine or risk losing their job according to the upcoming ‘no jab, no pay’ rule.

Those targeted by the new policy would be staff at public hospitals, ambulance services, private hospitals, GPs, private nurse offices and consulting offices as reported by

Health students doing work placements, pharmacies and private pathology labs will also be submitted to the new rule.

Previously, each state could decide on making vaccination compulsory for health workers.

​​In New South Wales, a deadline for them to get their first dose ended this Thursday with over 5000 staff set to be fired as early as tomorrow.

Around 94 percent of NSW health workers have been vaccinated though.

“It’s pretty simple,” NSW Health Minister Brad Hazzard said.

“If you don’t care enough to get vaccinated and look after your colleagues if you don’t care enough about your patient, you probably shouldn’t be in the health system.”

In Queensland, nearly one in 10 of the state’s 115,000 health workers remain unvaccinated.

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“That’s ridiculous. That’s a sort of a view from yesteryear, and the whole rationale for mandating the jab in the workplace is not fair.

“The mandating, no jab no job rules all the rest of the vaccine discrimination and medical apartheid, certain politicians are proposing, it’s not borne out by the facts.”

The Australian Medical Association welcomed the new policy and its president, Dr Omar Khorshid, said a uniformed nationwide rule was required to make sure the public feels “safe” when going to see a doctor.

“I am confident that most healthcare workers faced with a very clear message from employers and government that they must get vaccinated will go and do the right thing – it’s the right thing by their patients because it is not fair for a sick patient to be potentially exposed to COVID because staff refused to do the right thing,” Dr Khorshid said.