You can't put 'Bezos' or 'Amazon' in your New World character name

From PC Gamer: “The first thing I did in Amazon’s New World was see if I could make fun of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos with my username, because of course that’s what I did, but Amazon was one step ahead of me. New World doesn’t allow the use of “Bezos” or “Amazon” in your player name. I had my heart set exploring the world as “Jeff Bezos’ Wallet.” Now what am I supposed to do?

After confirming that variants of Bezos like “JeffB,” “Bez0s,” and “Be Zos” were also locked out, I tried just going by “Amazon.” That word’s not allowed either. These names are clearly not locked because other players have already claimed them. When a name is already taken, it says, “This name is in use.” Names which include the words Amazon and Bezos, however, “cannot be used,” which is also what New World says when you type in swear words.”