No Time To Die: Does James Bond die in Daniel Craig’s final 007 movie?

For the last few months, movie fans have been asking whether Daniel Craig’s James Bond dies in his final 007 movie. And now the film has been released, UK audiences know whether or not Bond had time to die. WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD FOR NO TIME TO DIE.

Incredibly, James Bond does die in No Time To Die! This is the first time in the almost 60 year film franchise’s history that 007 has kicked the bucket.

During the blockbuster’s final act, Bond manages to foil the villainous Safin’s plans to infect millions of people with nanobots. The tech would then target people for assassination based on their DNA.

Having opened the island lair’s missile silos, Bond lets M know that the base can be destroyed with an airstrike.

However, after being shot by Safin, the villain lets 007 know he’s infected him with nanobots that would kill Madeleine and their daughter Mathilde – yes Bond’s daughter – if he ever touched them.

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After killing Safin, Bond accepts his fate on the island and is killed instantly as the missiles hit the base.

No Time To Die ends with M, Q, Moneypenny, Nomi and Tanner in a whisky toast to 007.

While Madeleine and Bond’s daughter Mathilde drive off into the sunset as We Have All The Time In The World from On Her Majesty’s Secret Service plays.

She tells the child: “I want to tell you about a man. His name was Bond. James Bond.”

However, this isn’t a tease that Craig’s Bond actually survived, but the promise that the role will be recast.

Just as Casino Royale rebooted the franchise in another universe, so will Bond 26 and the next actor.

Whatever the case, whoever plays Bond next has some big shoes to fill after Craig’s tenure.

No Time To Die is out now in UK cinemas and hits US movie theatres on October 8.