‘Amazed with the results!’ Mrs Hinch fans share best methods to remove dust from radiator

Cleaning sensation Mrs Hinch, whose real name is Sophie Hinchliffe, rose to fame on social media. The cleaning star has gained more than four million followers on her Instagram page.

Inspired by her savvy techniques, cleaning enthusiasts have established their own groups on social media dedicated to sharing effective methods to complete common household tasks.

Facebook user June McIntosh sought advice for the most effective method to remove dust from inside a radiator.

Responding to the post, Sarah Jane Galbraith suggested using a long feather duster.

Lianne Tiguh Dhanda commented: “I put a plastic tray under mine and pour hot water and disinfectant down them to flush it all out the bottom.”

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Emma Sherlock advised: “Just use a hairdryer to blow it all out then hoover it up.”

Rachael Murphy commented: “If you haven’t got a duster, use a sock in the end of a coat hanger.”

Laura Adlam posted: “I pull a wire coat hanger straight and an old sock taped on with the hoover on underneath.”

“A blast with the nozzle of a steam cleaner brings down an unimaginable amount of dust and fluff, so cover the flooring underneath the radiator first,” wrote Enid Bloom.

Becky Langham wrote: “We’ve just moved into a house with disgusting radiators.

“I used a radiator brush from Amazon, Elbow grease and bleach.”

Wilma Mulligan suggested: “Pour fabric conditioner with water, you will be amazed with the results.”

Jade Wellans commented: “JML Radi clean is good! Can be used to dust ceilings and stuff also.”

source: express.co.uk